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What does gearbox do?

What is the gearbox?

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Cordless screwdriver Every cordless screwdriver has a gearbox, which transfers power from the motor to the chuck in the form of torque and speed.
Cordless screwdriver being used with arrows to show chuck turning Torque is the turning force delivered by the cordless screwdriver, and speed is how fast it turns the screwdriver or drill bit.

Torque and speed have an inverse relationship, (meaning that when one increases the other decreases and vice versa.)

Cordless screwdriver with directional arrows showing the finger being pressed on the trigger Torque and speed are adjusted using the speed control trigger (and the torque control ring, if your tool has that feature).

Squeezing the trigger increases the speed of the cordless screwdriver but decreases the torque, and releasing the trigger decreases the speed but increases the torque.

Materials and nails Different amounts of torque and speed are needed depending on the screwdriving or drilling task.

Generally, working with tougher materials or larger screws should be done at slower speeds to allow for greater torque to be delivered.

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