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How long do you need the battery to last?

How long do you need the battery to last?

Shop for Cordless Screw Drivers

LI-ion battery The larger the tool’s battery capacity, the longer it will run before needing recharged.
Cordless screwdriver in use Quite simply, if you are going to be relying on your cordless screwdriver to run for longer periods of time, then battery capacity is going to be an important factor in deciding which one is right for you.

For time consuming drilling or screwdriving tasks, select a model with a larger battery capacity, (2.5 Ah or higher) to ensure it runs for longer between charges.

man putting up decking Batteries with higher amp hour ratings are often used by workers in the construction industry, who don’t want their tools to be out of use during the workday.
Using a cordless screwdriver to put up curtain rail For less time-consuming tasks, select a cordless screwdriver with a smaller battery capacity (less than 1.5 Ah), so you’re not paying for something you don’t need.

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