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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cordless Screwdrivers

What are the advantages and disadvantages
of using a cordless screwdriver?

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Cordless screwdriver being used in a confined space

They’re compact

Cordless screwdrivers tend to be fairly small which means they’re ideal for working in awkward or confined spaces.

Piggy bank

They’re relatively inexpensive

Prices start from around £20, making cordless screwdrivers one of the least expensive power tools.

Bottle of water

They’re lightweight

Cordless screwdrivers can weigh as little as 500g – That’s about the same as a 500ml bottle of water.

Close up of cordless screwdriver and screwdriver bit

You can change between bits quickly and easily

Most cordless screwdrivers have a magnetic or quick-release chuck which allows the user to change between different bits quickly.


Jawed drill chuck

They don’t have a jawed chuck

Most cordless drill drivers have a 3 or sometimes 4 jawed chuck which can be tightened or loosened to insert or remove bits.

These chucks can accept bits with round shanks as well as hexagonal, making them ideal for use with drill bits.

Screwdriver bit Cordless screwdrivers don’t have jawed chucks. They have either a hexagonal magnetic chuck or a hexagonal quick-release chuck.

This means that unless you purchase an adaptor, you can only put bits with hex shanks straight into them (that’s pretty much just screwdriver and pilot drill bits!)

Lightening bolt

They’re not very powerful

Compared to cordless drill drivers and impact drivers, most cordless screwdrivers are not very powerful, and are designed mainly for pilot holes and driving smaller screws into softwoods.

Cordless drill driver with blue cross through it

They can’t drill large holes

Some cordless screwdrivers can drill pilot holes but most cannot be used for drilling because they lack the power.

Cordless screwdrivers also have hexagonal chucks, which means unless you purchase an adaptor, you can’t put drill bits with round shanks in them.

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