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How to adjust the torque control?

How to adjust the torque control

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Torque control ring Selecting the level of torque you need is done using the adjustable torque control ring, position on the end of the cordless screwdriver, near the chuck.

The higher the level of torque you select, the more turning force the screwdriver will deliver, and the more resistance it can overcome before stopping.

Torque control ring numbered The adjustable torque ring is numbered, depending on how many torque levels the tool has.

More torque levels does not necessarily mean the tool has a higher overall level of torque, it simply refers to how the overall level is broken down.

Adjusting torque on a cordless screwdriver Being able to adjust the torque level gives you greater control when driving screws.

If in doubt, always start with a low level of torque, and gradually increase if necessary.

This may mean working slowly at first, but gradually you will gain confidence and a thorough understanding of the different levels.

releasing trigger

Step 1 – Release trigger

Release the speed control trigger and wait for the cordless screwdriver to come to a complete stop.

Torque control ring

Step 2 – Locate arrow

Locate the arrow on the top of the cordless screwdriver.

Torque control ring

Step 3 – Rotate torque ring

Rotate the numbered torque ring until the torque level you require lines up with the arrow.

If the cordless screwdriver struggles to turn the screw, then release the speed trigger, remove the screwdriver from the screw and select a higher level of torque.

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