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What is a chuck with a magnetic bit holder?

What is a chuck with a magnetic bit holder?

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Cordless screwdriver chuck with magnetic bit holder This type of chuck has a magnetic bit holder integrated into its design.
Cross section of a magnetic bit holder The bit holder has a powerful magnet at its base which holds the bit in place.

Which bits can it accept?

Hexagonal screw shank Magnetic bit holders always have a hexagonal-shaped slot which means they can only accept bits with hexagonal shanks.

For the screwdriver or drill bit to sit securely in the chuck, it must be the correct size.

For more information on this, see our section: What is chuck size?

How do you insert or remove bits?

Release speed control trigger on cordless screwdriver

Step 1 – Release trigger

Release the speed trigger and allow the cordless screwdriver to come to a complete stop.

Cordless screwdriver and bit

Step 2 – Hold bit

Take hold of the bit and pull it out of the bit holder.

Cordless screwdriver with screwdriver bit

Step 3 – Insert new bit

To insert a new bit, simply push it into the end of the bit holder.


Cordless screwdriver chuck with different screwdriver bits This type of chuck allows you to change between different screwdriver and drill bits quickly and easily by pulling them out and pushing them in.


Cordless screwdriver chuck with directional arrow Compared to a quick-release chuck which holds the bit using both a magnet and ball bearings, a magnetic bit holder only uses a magnet.

As a result, it does not hold bits as securely, and you may find that if you purchase a poor quality model the bits can wobble or even fall out.

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