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What is a quick release chuck?

What is a quick release chuck?

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Cordless screwdriver with quick change/ quick release chuck Some cordless screwdrivers have a quick-release chuck (also called a quick-change chuck).
Like a magnetic bit holder, a quick-release chuck has a magnet in its base that connects with the screwdriver bit’s shank.

As well as this, it has 2 metal ball bearings inside which engage with the sides of the bit to hold it securely in place.

Which bits can it accept?

Screwdriver bit with hexagonal shank Quick-release chucks always have a hexagonal-shaped slot which means they can only accept bits with hexagonal shanks. For the screwdriver or drill bit to sit securely in the chuck, it must be the correct size.

For more information on this, see our section: What is chuck size?

Power bit with labelled power groove Specially-shaped bits called ‘power bits’ have been designed for use in quick-release chucks.

Power bits have a groove in their body (called a power groove), which engages with metal balls inside the quick-release chuck, and helps to hold the bit even more securely in place.

How to insert or remove a bit

quick change chuck and bit There are several different designs of quick-release chuck available. How you insert and remove bits will depend on the make and model of your tool.
Cordless screwdriver with bit

Inserting bits

Most quick-release chucks allow you to insert bits simply by slotting them into the chuck, like a magnetic bit holder.

Removing bit on a quick change chuck by pulling sleeve back

Removing bits

Every quick-release chuck has a spring-loaded outer sleeve which controls the position of the ball-bearings inside.

To remove a bit from the chuck, you push back or pull forward the outer sleeve, which will retract the ball bearings inside, allowing you to remove the bit.

Whether you push or pull the outer sleeve will depend on the make and model of your tool.


Quick release chuck with screwdriver bit Compared to a magnetic bit holder, a quick-release chuck holds the bits more securely, because it uses metal balls to hold the bit in place, as well as a magnet.


Quick release chuck with screwdriver bits Despite its name, when using a quick-release chuck, it takes slightly longer to change between bits, compared to using a magnetic bit holder.

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