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What does no-load speed mean?

What is no-load speed?

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Cordless screwdriver A cordless screwdriver’s maximum speed will be presented as a number followed by ‘RPM’.

The higher the number, the higher the tool’s maximum no-load speed. The no-load speed is the maximum speed a cordless screwdriver can reach without a load. (When it’s not driving screws or drilling holes).

cordless screwdriver and screw in wood Manufacturers give the tool’s speed at no-load because once the screwdriver begins driving screws or drilling, its maximum speed will vary depending on how demanding the task is.

If you’re using larger screws or working with tough materials, the screwdriver will encounter resistance, causing the speed to be reduced.

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Please note:

A cordless screwdriver driver with a high RPM can  turn the chuck at a higher speed but it will not be able to complete tasks any quicker, unless it can also deliver the required torque.

If you want to complete tasks in less time, look for a model that can produce both high RPM and a high level of torque.

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