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Drilling with a Cordless Screwdriver

Drilling with a cordless screwdriver

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cordless screwdriver with drill bit Some cordless screwdrivers can be used to drill small holes, provided you have the correct drill bit.
drilling a hole into soft wood Please note: Even if your cordless screwdriver has the capability to drill holes, the diameter and depth of the hole will depend on how powerful the cordless screwdriver is.
Cordless drill driver Drilling holes requires a lot of torque (turning force).

Most cordless screwdrivers tend to be less powerful than drills, and so they may only be able to deliver enough torque to drill smaller holes in softer materials.

More demanding tasks that involve drilling large holes or working with tough materials may require a drill driver.

Pilot holes in timber

Cordless screwdriver in use on plasterboard Cordless screwdrivers that are able to drill are very useful for drilling pilot holes in softer materials such as timber.
Screw in a piece of wood A pilot hole is drilled in a material before a screw is inserted.

Without a pilot hole, a large screw could be hard to insert and may split the material it is being driven into.

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