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How to adjust a hinged handle?

How to adjust a hinged handle

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How you adjust the hinged handle on your cordless screwdriver will vary depending on the make and model. One example is shown below:
Pushing a button in on a hinged handle screwdriver

Step 1 – Release trigger

Release the speed control trigger and allow the cordless screwdriver to come to a complete stop.

Hinged handle button

Step 2 – Unlock handle

To ‘unlock’ the handle, hold the chuck-end of the screwdriver in one hand, and push in the button on the back of the handle.

Hinged handle cordless screwdriver moving freely

Step 3 – Move chuck-end

Holding down the button ‘unlocks’ the handle and allows you to move the chuck-end of the screwdriver freely on its hinge.

Cordless screwdriver handle being moved into position

Step 4 – Position screwdriver

Whilst holding the button down, move the screwdriver into the position you require.

Hinged handle lock button

Step 5 – Lock screwdriver

Once the screwdriver is in the position you require, release the button to ‘lock’ it into place.

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