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How to use spindle lock?

How to use spindle lock

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Selecting spindle lock How you select spindle lock will vary depending on the make and model of your cordless screwdriver.

The spindle lock feature on this cordless screwdriver is selected using the forward/reverse switch on the top of the tool.

Spindle lock left Sliding the switch to the left displays a forward-facing triangle, meaning that the screwdriver is turning the bit in a forwards direction (clockwise).

This is used for inserting screws.

Spindle lock right Sliding the switch to the right displays a backward-facing triangle, meaning that the screwdriver is in reverse, and will turn the bit backwards (anti-clockwise).

This is used for removing screws.

Spindle lock centered Sliding the switch into the centre so no triangles are displayed means that spindle lock has been selected, and the bit will not rotate

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