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What is the chuck?

What is the chuck?

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Cordless screwdriver chuck The chuck is the part of the screwdriver that holds the bit used to insert and remove screws.
Cordless screwdriver chucks; chuck with magnetic bit holder and quick release chuck The two most common types of chuck found on cordless screwdrivers are:

  • Chuck with magnetic bit holder
  • Quick release chuck.
Three jawed chuck

Please note:

There is a third type of chuck used on some cordless power tools, called a 3-jawed keyless chuck.

Drill bit This type of chuck has 3 jaws which grip the sides of the bit when working. It’s popular with users as it allows bits with round shanks as well as hex shanks to be used. (Most drill bits have round shanks, so using a 3-jawed chuck allows you to drill a wide variety of holes.)
Drill bits with hexagonal shank ends 3-jawed chucks can be found on cordless drills but not on cordless screwdrivers. This is because cordless screwdrivers are generally not designed to drill holes larger than pilot holes. (Pilot hole drill bits are very small and have hexagonal shanks so they can be used in hex chucks.)

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