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What are hinged handles?

What are hinged handles?

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Hinged handle Some cordless screwdrivers have a hinged handle which allows you to change the position of the chuck to suit the space you’re working in.
In-line and pistol-grip screwdriver positions A hinged handle allows a cordless screwdriver to be put into two different positions:

  • Pistol grip
  • In-line

Once the screwdriver is in one of these positions, the hinged handle can be ‘locked’, so it won’t slip out of position while you’re working.

Pistol-grip position

Cordless screwdriver The pistol grip position allows for a more secure grip on the tool. However, it puts more strain on your arm and wrist as the majority of the weight is at the front of the tool.

In-line position

Using a cordless screwdriver upright In the in-line position, the screwdriver becomes longer so it can get into awkward or hard to reach areas. The in-line position makes using the spindle lock feature easier.
Cordless scrwedriver in tool box The spindle lock feature locks the metal bit and allows you to use the cordless screwdriver just like a manual one.

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