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What is a scutching tool used for?

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Scutching tools can be used for the following applications:
Cutting a brick with a scutch chisel: labelled hammer, scutch chisel, scutch comb and brick
  • To cut soft and hard bricks to the correct shape
Shaping sandstone with a double headed scutch hammer
  • To cut rock and marble, either to shape them for use in a wall for example, or to cut them at the initial stages of a sculpture.
chasing out chisels
  • For chasing out channels in brick, concrete, or stone walls. Chasing out channels is a method used by electricians/builders to hide any pipes or electrics in a wall to hide them from sight before plastering over them.
  • A scutching tool also helps to smooth off the edges of the channel before adding the pipes/electrics.
Man picking up a floor tile, other man screaming "Gary its your mum" (scary monster under tile)
  • Removing floor tiles. A scutch chisel is useful for this role as it means you can take off the tiles without damaging them or the floor as much as you would with a hammer for example. This is because the scutch chisels cutting edge is thin enough to lever the whole tile away from the floor without having to break it into small pieces.
Electricians back box
  • Cutting out back boxes in brick and plaster
Stone Donkey Sculpture
  • Sculpting
keying a surface with a scutcher
  • Keying a surface before rendering. This is where you create a roughness on a surface to help the plaster adhere.The other term for this is to ‘scutch-off’. This derives from the extended use of a scutching tool during this process. This term can also refer to taking old mortar and pitch from bricks and paving slabs in order to reuse them.
Concrete soffit on underneath an overhanging eave
  • Preparing a concrete soffit for plastering. A concrete soffit is the underneath section of a balcony, arch or overhanging eave.
Old Plaster falling off a wall
  • Removing plaster from a wall. To find out how to do this, see our section:  How to remove plaster from a wall with a scutching tool
Old Pointing on a wall
  • Removing pointing from a wall. To find out how to do this, see our section:  How to remove pointing from a wall with a scutch chisel