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How does a scutching tool work?

How does a scutching tool work?

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Buy online from Wonkee Donkee Tools - Scutching tools work by hitting the surface of material until desired shape and size has been reached Scutching tools work by hitting the surface of the material and chipping away at it until the material has become the shape/size required.
Sharp scutch comb teeth The teeth on a scutch comb are sharp which makes it possible to make grooves along the surface of the material, as each individual tooth chips a piece away.
Sharp edge of a drove A drove has a sharpened edge which drives into the material and chips it away in a block piece rather than a series of grooves like the scutch comb.
Chisel being used at a 45 degree angle The angle of a scutch chisel in relation to the surface of the material varies depending on the job you are doing and how much you want to remove.

As a general rule, when carving stone, you should keep the chisel at a 45 degree angle to the surface of the stone.

Wonkee Donkee says "A greater angle only bruises the stone, and a smaller angle just skips over the surface"
depending how hard the scutch tool is hit depends on the amount of material removed The harder you hit a scutch chisel with a hammer/mallet, the more material you can remove. Therefore, if you hit the chisel lightly it will remove a small amount, and if you hit it hard with a hammer/mallet a large amount will be removed. This happens because the driving force from the hammer dictates the amount of stone that is removed.
Using a mallet on a mallet headed scutch chisel and using a hammer on a hammer headed scutch chisel to cut a brick For a hammer-headed scutch chisel you will need to use a flat-headed hammer against it, whereas a mallet-headed chisel requires a mallet.

How to hold a scutch chisel correctly

Hammer hitting hand instead of chisel Hold the scutch chisel steady with a relatively loose grip and keep your thumb on the outside.

This will lessen the blow to your hand if you miss the chisel.

different ways to hold a chisel There are different ways to hold a scutch chisel and it is generally up to personal preference, so try them out and see which one suits you the best.

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