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How to remove pointing from a wall with a scutch chisel?

How to remove pointing from a wall
with a scutch chisel

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Old Pointing ‘Pointing’ (the cement between bricks on a wall) needs to be removed when it becomes loose and begins to fall out. If left for a long time it can cause the wall to become unstable.

Before you begin

Things needed to remove Pointing: pointing chisel, scutch chisel, mallet, club hammer

You will need:

  • Scutch chisel
  • Plugging chisel
  • Club hammer or mallet

Using the scutch chisel

Removing a line on old pointing with a scutch chisel

Step 1 – Use scutch chisel to weaken mortar line

Use the scutch chisel to weaken the mortar in the wall by creating a line down the centre of the mortar. This is done by hitting the chisel sharply with a hammer along the centre line of the cement joint.


Step 2 – Cut remaining mortar with plugging chisel

Finish the removal of the pointing by cutting the remaining mortar out with a plugging chisel.

Brick wall with removed pointing When this is done, your wall should resemble the image opposite.

Next, you will need to repoint your wall with new mortar.

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