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What is a scutch comb?

What is a scutch comb?

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Scutch Combs - marble and stone 25mm A scutch comb is an attachment that, when attached to a scutch chisel or hammer, becomes its cutting edge.
hand taking out a scutch comb from a scutch chisel and flipping it over to show the new side It is detachable and can be taken out of the scutching tool and flipped over to allow use of the second cutting edge.
Marks on a wall left by different sized scutch combs A scutch comb is used specifically to make marks across a surface. This is useful for creating texture on a sculpture or for providing grooves on a wall to help plaster stick to it.
  Wonkee Donkee Says "A Scutch Comb and a Scutch Bit are the same thing"

What are the different parts of a scutch comb?

Parts of a Scutch Comb, Teeth, cutting edges and ridge Each scutch comb has two cutting edges (rows of teeth), which must be sharp in order to cut through material effectively.
Scutch Comb in Scutch Chisel with labelled ridge, scutch comb holder, scutch comb and scutch chisel Scutch combs also have a ridge, which stops them from being inserted too far into the scutching tool. When inserted, the ridge rests on the lip of the scutch comb holder.

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