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How to prepare a soffit for plastering
with a scutching tool

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Concrete soffit on underneath an overhanging eave A concrete soffit is the underneath section of a balcony, arch or overhanging eave.

Before you begin

Things needed to prepare a soffit for plastering: trestle platform, club hammer, cold chisel, scutch chisel, scutch hammer, scutch comb, drove, and block brush

You will need:

  • Scaffolding trestle platform
  • Club hammer
  • Cold chisel
  • Scutch chisel or hammer
  • Scutch comb or drove
  • Block brush
Single Headed Scutch Hammer, Double Headed Scutch Hammer, and Scutch Chisel with Scutch Combs

Scutch chisel or hammer?

The choice of whether you use a scutch chisel or scutch hammer is down to the number of small lumps and bumps in the surface of the soffit. A scutch hammer can remove more material at a greater rate so would be more suited to a soffit with a large amount of lumps and bumps.

Prepare a soffit


Step 1 – Remove material from soffit

Use a club hammer and a cold chisel to remove any large pieces of material sticking out of the soffit.

A soffit is made of either wood or concrete depending on the materials the house is made from.

Next, use a scutching tool (either a scutch chisel or scutch hammer) to knock off any remaining small lumps and bumps from the surface of the soffit.

Step 2 – Sweep soffit

Use a block brush to sweep the soffit clean.

Next, use a splatter dash to create a rough surface for the plaster.
 Wonkee Donkee says "A spatter dash is a runny liquid which is used to create a rough surface on concrete prior to plastering"
Plastered concrete soffit

Step 3 – Plaster soffit

Proceed to plaster the soffit.