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Scutch Comb vs Scutch Drove

Scutch combs vs. droves

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Scutch Comb cut Stone and Drove cut stone If you need to create a textured effect on a surface, use a scutch comb as the teeth create a lined effect on the surface of stone/brick.

Droves on the other hand, are used for flattening surfaces. They do not leave claw marks, so will be able to create a smoother finish.

Scutch comb marks on a stone sculpture of a fish The marks left by a scutch comb are useful for creating texture on a sculpture. They also create grooves on a wall to help plaster stick.
No teeth marks left by a scutch comb on an electricians back box Droves can be used for cutting bricks where there is a need for a clean cut with no teeth marks (the end of a wall, for example).

They can also cut out neat holes for an electrician’s back box.

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