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What is a scutching tool?

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cutting bricks with a scutch hammer and a scutch chisel: labelled scutch hammer, scutch chisel, hammer, scutch comb and brick Scutching tools (either a scutch chisel used in conjunction with a flat faced hammer or a scutch hammer on its own) are predominantly used for shaping bricks and stone to the desired shape and size (e.g. to make a wall).
Single Headed Scutch Hammer, Double Headed Scutch Hammer, and Scutch Chisel with Scutch Combs They come in two forms: either a scutch hammer or a scutch chisel.
Drove and Scutch Comb Scutch hammers and scutch chisels are the ‘holders’ for a scutch comb or drove. These are the replaceable cutting edges for the hammer and chisel.
Using a scutch chisel to create a sculpture: mallet headed scutch chisel, scutch comb, sculpture and mallet Scutching tools are generally used within the masonry industry but can also be used for those interested in building their own wall or sculpture at home.
 Wonkee Donkee says "Don't mix this up with the name of the process within the textile industry"