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What scutch comb sizes are available?

What scutch comb sizes are available?

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25mm Scutch comb and scutch comb holders - scutch chisel, double and single headed scutch hammer The size of a scutch comb refers to the length of its cutting edge. The different sized scutch combs are available in the same length as the scutch comb holder on a scutching tool.

For example, a 25mm (1″) scutch comb is made to fit the 25mm (1″) scutch comb holder on a scutch chisel or scutch hammer.

13mm and 50mm Scutch combs  The sizes available range from 13-50mm (½ – 2″).
25mm Double Headed Scutch Hammer and 25mm Scutch Comb The most common size of scutch comb is a 25mm (1in) as it can fit both a scutch chisel and scutch hammer. This is because scutch hammers can only fit a 25mm (1in) scutch comb.
Wonkee Donkee says: 'Make sure you buy the right size scutch  comb for the size of the scutching tool you are  using. If it is too big, it will not fit the scutch  combholder and if it is too small, it will fall out.'

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