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What is a drove?

What is a drove?

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Drove A drove is a type of cutting edge for either a scutch hammer or scutch chisel. It is similar to a scutch comb, however it has no teeth but rather two sharpened cutting edges.
Wonkee Donkee says "It is also known as Chisel Bit"
Hand flipping over a drove with arrows showing the direction it is being turned over. It is a detachable and can be taken out of the scutching tool and flipped over to allow use of the second cutting edge.
Drove Droves are generally used for flattening/smoothing surfaces as they do not leave claw marks in the stone or brick like a scutch comb.

What are the different parts of a drove?

Labelled cutting edges on a drove Each drove has two cutting edges which need to be kept sharp in order to cut material.
side on view of a drove in a scutch chisel with labelled drove, ridge, and scutch chisel Like a scutch comb, a drove has a ridge which prevents the drove from being inserted too far into the scutching tool. It does this by resting on the lip of the holder.

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