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What scutching tool attachments are available?

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Drove and Scutch Comb The attachments for scutching tools are called scutch combs and droves. A scutch comb has two cutting edges made up of sharpened teeth, whereas a drove has no teeth but rather two sharpened straight cutting edges.
shape of the scutch comb holder and the shape of the scutch comb Scutch combs and droves are inserted into the scutch comb holder (the slot on the end of either a scutch chisel or a scutch hammer) and subsequently become their cutting edge.

The shape of the scutch comb holder and scutch comb fit together perfectly to ensure that the comb stays secure when slotted into place.

Cutting edge and spare cutting edge of a scutch comb in a scutch comb holder Scutch combs and droves come with two cutting edges, one on each end.
shelf life of a scutch comb There is no set life span for scutch combs or droves as they will wear out at different rates depending on the material they are used on and the frequency of use.

For example, a comb or drove is likely to wear out quicker if used for prolonged periods of time on hard brick in comparison to soft brick.