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What is a scutch hammer?

What is a Scutch Hammer?

Scutch hammers have either one or two grooves for holding a scutch comb or drove in exactly the same way as a scutch chisel.


Some scutch hammers have two grooves, one on each end of the head. These are known as ‘double-ended scutch hammers’.

Scutch hammers, in conjunction with combs and droves, are used for cutting bricks in the same way as scutch chisels, however, they are not as precise in their work, due to lack of control when wielding a hammer in comparison to a chisel.


This is because the hammer needs more force to wield it than a chisel which needs a hammer/mallet to function.

Scutch Hammer Sizes

The size of a scutch hammer refers to the length of the scutch comb holder. 


Scutch hammers are only available in the size to fit a 25mm (1in) scutch comb or drove (the length of their cutting edge).

Single-Ended vs. Double-Ended Scutch Hammers

A single-ended scutch hammer has a square striking end on one side and a slot for a scutch comb on the other.


This type is very useful if you need the use of a hammer, but also require a cutting edge. 


A double-ended scutch hammer has a slot on each end for a scutch comb which allows for two different attachments e.g. a stone scutch comb on one end and a drove on the other.

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