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Scutching Tool Care and Maintenance

Scutching tool maintenance and care

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hand taking out a scutch comb from a scutch chisel and flipping it over to show the new side

A scutch comb or drove requires maintenance when one of the cutting edges is blunt. You can tell that a scutch comb is blunt when the teeth become flatter and shorter.When you notice your attachment is blunt, remove it from the scutching tool and flip it over so that the blunt edge can be reinserted into the scutching tool. The spare sharp cutting edge is now available to use.

For information on how to attach and remove a scutch comb/drove, see the section: How to insert and remove a scutching tool attachment

Labelled faces of a scutch hammer Make sure that the two faces of the hammer are kept clean.
jug of linseed oil next to a bowl of linseeds Regularly check the condition of the scutch hammer handle.If the tool has a hickory handle, rub linseed oil into the wood and steel top with a cloth regularly to make them both last longer.

Boiled linseed oil makes the wood more water resistant and continues its protection even when the wooden handle expands and contracts.

comparison of a mushroomed hammer head on a chisel and a normal hammer headed chisel If the hammer head of your scutch chisel has mushroomed, grind off the edges of the mushroom to prevent future damage.

To remove mushroom effect on a scutch chisel:

Blue Bench Grinder You will need:

  • Bench grinder
Holding the hammer head of the chisel against the wheel of a bench grinder

Step 1 – Hold chisel against grinder

Hold the hammer head of the chisel against the wheel of a bench grinder.

Arrows showing the direction of turning the hand whilst grinding the mushroom headed chisel

Step 2 – Turn chisel and apply pressure

Turn the chisel with one hand and apply pressure on the chisel with the other.

Moving the chisel from left to right on the bench grinder

Step 3 – Grind left and right

Grind left and right across the bench grinder’s face to keep the surface of the hammer head flat.

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