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How to spot a top quality scutching tool?

How to spot a top quality scutching tool

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diagram pointing to the square edge of a scutch comb's teeth The teeth on a scutch comb should have a defined square edge.

You should not be able to bend the teeth with a hammer (they should break off before bending).

3mm thickness of a Scutch Comb Check the thickness of the scutch comb/drove, as the thicker the cutting edges, the longer they will last. The average thickness of a scutch comb/drove is 3mm.
rust scutch hammer and scutch combs Check to see if the scutching tool has any dirt or damage to the steel as this can increase the rate of the product’s deterioration.
picture of recommended with a thumbs up If you are buying from the internet, try to purchase your tools from a reputable manufacturer.

A responsible manufacturer will offer relevant product knowledge and in some cases guarantees which can prove their trust in the product’s quality.

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