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How to insert and remove a scutching tool attachment?

How to insert and remove a scutching
tool attachment

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Insert a scutching tool attachment

Scutch comb with arrows pointing to where it fits into a scutch comb holder

Step 1 – Place attachment in holder

Insert the edge of the scutch comb/drove into the scutch comb holder (the groove on the end of the scutch chisel/hammer).

Make sure that the scutch comb is fitted directly in the centre of the scutch comb holder so it doesn’t slip around.

Labelled ridge and the edge of the scutch comb holder on a scutch chisel

Step 2 – Push until ridge rests on lip

Push the scutch comb/drove into the scutch comb holder until the ridge rests on the lip of the scutch chisel/hammer.

The shape of the holder and comb/drove fit together perfectly to ensure that the comb/drove stays in a secure position.

Wonkee Donkee says "You may only need a gloved hand to do this, however you may need to tap it gently with a flat headed hammer to remove it"
Scutch hammer shaping a brick

Step 3 – Use scutching tool

Use the scutch chisel/hammer as normal.

Remove a scutching tool attachment

Step 1 – Place tool in vice

Place the scutching tool into a vice to hold it in a secure position.

Step 2 – Knock attachment out

Using a hammer, knock the scutch comb/drove out of the holder sideways.

hand taking out a scutch comb from a scutch chisel and flipping it over to show the new side

Step 3 – Flip attachment over

Flip the scutch comb/drove over so that the spare sharp edge becomes the new cutting edge.

Finally, remove the scutching tool from the vice and insert the now blunt end into the scutch chisel/hammer by following the steps above.

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