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How to remove plaster from a
wall with a scutching tool

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Chisel up against old plaster with a hammer hitting it

Step 1 – Place chisel against plaster

Place the shoulder of the chisel against the base coat of the plaster.

Step 2 – Angle scutch chisel 15 – 20°

Make sure that the scutch chisel, with a drove attached, is at about 15-20° angle to the wall.

Step 3 – Strike chisel with hammer

Hit the chisel with a hammer, or mallet depending on the type of chisel head you are using.

See section What are the different types of scutch chisel? to find out which type of chisel head you have.

Wall of exposed bricks after the plaster has been removed

Step 4 – Repeat

Repeat this process until all of the plaster is removed.