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What is a scutch chisel?

What is a scutch chisel?

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Red Scutch Chisel A scutch chisel is a type of scutching tool with a groove on one end where a scutch comb can be inserted.
Wonkee Donkee says "Scutch chisels are also known as claw holders or scutch comb holders"

What are the different parts of a scutch chisel?

Labelled chisel head on blue scutch chisel

Chisel head

The chisel head is the part that is hit with a hammer or mallet or attached to an SDS plus drill depending on the type of chisel that is being used.

Shank of a Scutch chisel


The shank is the part of a scutch chisel that connects the chisel head to the scutch comb holder. It is also the part that is held during use.

A shank can have a safety grip attached to it which will prevent the hammer/mallet from hitting the user’s fingers. These are available in sizes between 16 – 22mm (5/8in-7/8in) – these sizes are the same diameter as the scutch chisel’s shank.
Using a safety grip on a Scutch Chisel: labelled scutch chisel, scutch comb and safety grip This is an example of a safety grip being used on a scutch chisel.
Side on view of a scutch chisel with labelled scutch comb holder and scutch comb

Scutch comb holder

The groove on the end of the scutch chisel (the scutch comb holder) is where you place the scutch comb or drove which will then become the tool’s cutting edge.

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