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Which jigsaw voltage should you choose?

Which jigsaw voltage should you choose?

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Corded jigsaw Most corded jigsaws have a voltage of 240V as they are designed to run directly off the British mains electricity supply.

However some manufacturers produce versions of their tools with a voltage of 110V. These jigsaws are intended to be used out on a construction site.

Wonkee Donkee says: 'It is usually the more powerful, heavy-duty jigsaws that are available with a voltage of 110V.'
Wonkee Donkee top tip; WD top tip It is very important that the voltage of your jigsaw matches the voltage of your power supply to ensure that the tool performs as effectively as it should.

110V jigsaws

Using 110V jigsaw on site In this country, jigsaws with a voltage of 110V are designed to be used on a worksite

Because they are usually used outside where, because of the exposed working conditions, there is a greater risk of electric shock, these tools run at a lower, less dangerous voltage.

Step down transformer Electricity supplies with a voltage of 110V are produced using a step-down transformer which reduces the mains voltage of 240V to a much safer 110V.

110V jigsaws are equally as powerful as 240V models but draw more current from the electricity supply.

240V jigsaws

Mains electricity supply, plug and socket, power supply Jigsaws with a voltage of 240V are designed to be used in a domestic environment.

They can be plugged straight into a wall socket and run directly off the mains electricity supply.

Which voltage should you choose?

Cutting out letters with a jigsaw, making custom cut out with jigsaw Generally, most jigsaw applications will require a tool with a voltage of 240V.

This is because they are usually used inside, either in the home or in a workshop, where the risk of injury due to electric shock is fairly low. This means that the higher voltage is not an issue.

Cutting wood on site with 110V jigsaw However, if you plan to use your jigsaw on a construction site, in order to do so safely, you will need to invest in a machine that runs on 110V, along with a step-down transformer.

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