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What materials can a jigsaw cut?

What materials can a jigsaw cut?

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Jigsaw blades for wood, metal, tile and laminates With the correct type of blade installed, a jigsaw can be used to cut a variety of different materials, including wood, sheet metal and plastic.


Jigsaw cutting through wood Jigsaws are most commonly employed in woodworking.

They can be used to cut through a number of different types of wood, from plywood to construction timbers, like oak or pine.

  Wonkee Donkee says: 'The orbital action function is particularly useful when cutting wood and allows the user to adapt the machine to suit the type of finish required.'


Cutting kitchen worktop with jigsaw When installing a new laminate kitchen worktop, cut-outs usually need to be made to allow for the installation of appliances and sinks.

Jigsaws are often used for this task as there are blades that can effectively cut through hard and thick materials like laminate.


Cutting sheet metal with jigsaw A jigsaw can be used to cut broad curves or straight lines in sheet metals such as steel, aluminium or iron. It can also cut through wood with embedded nails as well as non-ferrous piping.

Models with more powerful motors are able to cut through thicker metal; aluminium up to 25mm (1″) thick and steel up to 15mm (⅔”) thick. For more information see, What is the cutting depth of a jigsaw?

Ceramic tile

Cutting ceramic tile with a jigsaw The narrow blades of a jigsaw enable it to make more intricate cuts in ceramic tile than are possible using alternative tile-cutting tools like a tile cutter, which can only make straight cuts.

This is useful if you are making cut outs for metal pipe work.

Plastic (including fibreglass)

Cutting plastic sheet (perspex) with jigsaw Using a jigsaw at a slow speed setting is an effective way of cutting through plastic, including fibreglass and perspex.


Cutting plasterboard with jigsaw A jigsaw can be used as a powered alternative to the drywall saw to make cut outs in plasterboard, usually for electrical outlets.

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