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How to replace the carbon brushes in your jigsaw?

How to replace the carbon brushes in your jigsaw

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Carbon brushes, new carbon brush and old, worn carbon brush The motors of most jigsaws have carbon brushes that will gradually become worn during use and may need to be replaced.

If the carbon brushes in your machine have reduced to about a quarter of their original size, they should be discarded and new ones should be installed.

Cutting metal with jigsaw However, compared with other heavy-duty power tools, it is less likely that the brushes will wear out to such an extent that the performance of the jigsaw is affected.

Despite this, if you use your tool extensively or to cut particularly hard materials, you may find that replacement brushes are required.

Wonkee Donkee says: Check your jigsaw’s manual to find out the specific brushes you need for your model.'
Disconnect from power supply, turn off at the mains, turn off electricity, unplugging socket

Step 1 – Disconnect jigsaw from power supply

First, check that your jigsaw is disconnected from the mains or, if it is cordless, you have removed its battery.

Jigsaw carbon brush cover, jigsaw with brush cover labelled

Step 2 – Locate and remove brush cover

Use a flat head screw driver to remove one of the brush covers on the side of the tool.

This will allow access to the brush underneath.

Remove carbon brush from brush slot on jigsaw, replacing jigsaw carbon brushes

Step 3 – Remove old brush

Pull out the worn carbon brush from inside the brush slot.

Dustbuster, hand-held vacuum cleaner, cordless vacuum

Step 4 – Remove any debris

Use a vacuum to remove any dust or debris that may have become lodged inside the brush slot.

Insert new carbon brush, replacing carbon brush, carbon brush replacement

Step 5 – Insert new brush

Fit the new brush into the brush slot and hold it in place so that the spring doesn’t cause it to jump out.

Slotted screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver

Step 6 – Replace brush cover

Then replace the brush cover and tighten it using your screwdriver.

Repeat process, repeat, clockwise arrow, turn clockwise

Step 7 – Repeat process

Even if only one brush is worn out, both brushes should be replaced at the same time.

Repeat the above procedure to replace the second brush.

Running jigsaw without load, turn on jigsaw

Step 8 – Turn on jigsaw

After installing a new set of brushes, turn on your jigsaw and run it without load for 1 minute to ‘break in’ the brushes.

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