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How to use a jigsaw?

How to use a jigsaw

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Woodworking jigsaw, jigsaw cutting wood The exact jigsawing technique you use will differ slightly depending upon the type of cut you are making.

However, the general cutting process will remain largely the same.

Before cutting

Marking cutting line on wood Because the teeth of a jigsaw blade point upwards, the cleanest cut will be on the underside of the material.

As a result, it is advisable to turn over your workpiece before marking and making your cut.

During cutting

Positioning jigsaw at the beginning of the cutting line To begin making a cut, place the front edge of the shoe of your jigsaw onto your workpiece and line up the blade with the cutting line.

As only a small portion of the shoe is in contact with the workpiece, it is important that you hold the jigsaw firmly with two hands so that it remains horizontal to the material.

Wonkee Donkee says: 'Keeping the tool well-balanced will ensure that an accurate cut is made.'
Making curved cut in wood with jigsaw, cutting wood with jigsaw When you are sure that your jigsaw is set solidly against the workpiece, turn on your jigsaw and allow the machine to gather speed.

Then, slowly, advance the saw along the cutting line. Do not force your tool, let it work at its own pace.

Cutting wood with jigsaw, reach end of cutting line Proceed with your cut, increasing speed or altering the orbital action setting of your jigsaw if necessary.

Continue to firmly hold and steady the tool until you have reached the end of your cutting line.

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