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What is the voltage of a jigsaw?

What is the voltage of a jigsaw?

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Volts, Wonkee Donkee, Voltage, Power Voltage (or electrical potential energy) is the strength of an electric current.

Whereas the power of a corded jigsaw is determined by the wattage of the machine, the power of  a cordless model is indicated by its voltage.

Corded jigsaws

Corded jigsaw, mains-operated jigsaw However, when thinking about main-operated jigsaws, voltage is still important.

Corded jigsaws are available with a voltage of either 110 volts or 240 volts, however this difference in voltage does not result in a difference of power.

110V jigsaw and step-down transformer Instead, the voltage of a corded jigsaw specifies whether the tool can be plugged straight into the mains electricity supply or whether it will require a step-down transformer in order to run safely.

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Cordless jigsaws

Cordless jigsaw with barrel-grip handle For cordless jigsaws on the other hand, voltage is the primary measure of power.

The voltage of a cordless model will be between 12 and 36V.

Using powerful cordless jigsaw The higher the voltage of a cordless jigsaw, the more powerful its motor and, therefore, the more efficient the tool will be.

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