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Can jigsaw blades be sharpened?

Can jigsaw blades be sharpened?

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Bin and jigsaw blades Jigsaw blades are largely viewed as consumable products that are thrown away once they have become dull and lost their cutting ability.

Because they are fairly inexpensive, it is much more cost- and time-efficient to replace the blades rather than to restore their teeth by sharpening.

Cross taper file As the teeth of most blades are made out of hardened steel, they cannot be sharpened.

This is because they are equally as hard as the file that would be used to restore their cutting edge so the sharpening process would be ineffective.

Wonkee Donkee says: 'A diamond taper file could be used to sharpen the teeth of a hardened blade, but this would be expensive and inconvenient.'
Jigsaw blades Some blades are not made of hardened steel so can, technically, be sharpened.

However, this is seldom done because it is much quicker and easier to buy a replacement blade for your jigsaw.

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