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What is a jigsaw?

What is a jigsaw?

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Corded jigsaw A jigsaw, sometimes called a sabre saw, is an extremely versatile and delicate type of powered saw.

With the appropriate blade, it is capable of making a number of different precision cuts in a range of materials.

Wonkee Donkee says: 'The term ‘sabre saw’ can also be used to refer to another type of powered saw, the reciprocating saw.'
Making an intricate scroll cut in wood with a jigsaw Jigsaws consist of a handle, a motor and a straight, narrow blade which moves up and down (reciprocates) to enable the tool to make curved and intricate cuts.

Although they are primarily woodworking tools, jigsaws can also be used to cut other materials such as plastic, metal and ceramic tile.

Jigsaw blades for wood The versatility of a jigsaw is a result of the large selection of blades it can accommodate.

Jigsaw blades are designed to make different types of cut and to be used with specific materials.

For more information, see  What are the different types of jigsaw blade?

Man using jigsaw; novice using jigsaw A jigsaw is ideal for power tool novices as it is less intimidating and, as it can be held with one hand, is easier to handle than other, more heavy-duty, machines.
Corded jigsaw and cordless jigsaw Most jigsaws are powered by mains electricity, although there are also cordless jigsaws that run on lithium ion (Li-ion) or nickel cadium (NiCad) batteries.

For more information, see  Corded vs. cordless jigsaws.

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