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How much do jigsaws weigh?

How much do jigsaws weigh?

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Weight, kilograms, pounds The weight of a jigsaw can have an effect on how easy it is to use.

Lighter jigsaws are much more manageable and are easier to handle than heavier models. This is especially true when using your tool for an extended period of time.

Power saw weights. Circular saws are heavier than jigsaws Compared with circular saws, jigsaws tend to be lighter and more user-friendly.

This is one of the main reasons why they are a popular power tool with DIYers.

Corded jigsaws

Corded jigsaw Corded jigsaws usually weigh between 1½kg (3lb 5oz.) and 3kg (6lb 10oz.)

Although it will be less tiring to use a lighter machine, because a jigsaw usually rests on the workpiece during operation, the weight of the tool is not as important as it would be if you were using another power tool such as a drill or a reciprocating saw.

Making intricate cut in wood with corded jigsaw However, weight will play a part in how easy it is to manoeuvre your jigsaw. This is particularly important if you will be using your tool to make intricate cuts.
Wonkee Donkee says: 'If possible, before buying a jigsaw, practice holding a couple of models of different weights to see which you feel most comfortable with.'

Cordless jigsaws

Cordless jigsaw with battery labelled Because they rely upon an additional battery pack for power which can be heavy, cordless jigsaws tend to weigh more than corded models.

Bare jigsaws (those sold without a battery) weigh between 1½kg (3lb 5oz.) and 2½kg (5lb 8oz.)When the weight of the battery is taken into account however, the tools can weigh as much as 3½kg (7lb 11oz.)

18v battery lithium ion battery Most cordless jigsaws nowadays use lithium-ion batteries which are becoming increasingly lighter.

However, the weight of the battery will depend upon its voltage. More powerful cordless models tend to be heavier as a result of the larger voltage of their batteries. This is because a greater voltage is the result of a battery having more cells; as voltage increases, so does battery weight.

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