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How to make a long straight cut with a jigsaw?

How to make a long straight cut with a jigsaw

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Making long straight cut with jigsaw using straight edge guide As jigsaws have such a long, narrow blade, it can be difficult to guide the blade in a straight line without it wandering off course.

For this reason, when making long, straight cuts, using a straightedge or parallel guide is recommended to ensure that your jigsaw does not stray from the cutting line.

Mark cutting line, drawing cutting line on wood

Step 1 – Draw cutting line

Mark the cutting line onto your workpiece.

Jigsaw offset distance, distance between jigsaw blade and edge of shoe

Step 2 – Clamp straightedge

If you are using a straightedge, you will first need to work out the offset distance of your jigsaw. This is the distance between its blade and the outer edge of the shoe.

When you clamp your straightedge to your workpiece, it should be positioned as far away from the cutting line as the offset distance.

Lining up jigsaw blade with cutting line

Step 3 – Position jigsaw

After selecting the appropriate orbital action and speed settings, align the blade of your tool with the cutting line and, if you are using a guide, the side of the shoe with the straightedge.

Set the front of the shoe onto the edge of the workpiece.

Jigsaw making straight cut in wood, blade cutting through workpiece

Step 4 – Make cut

Turn on your jigsaw and begin to make your cut, slowly following the line you have marked.

Wonkee Donkee says: 'To make sure that the cut is perpendicular to the workpiece, do not force the saw; let it work at its own pace.'

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