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What is the power of a jigsaw?

What is the power of a jigsaw?

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Power; watts; electricity The power of a corded jigsaw is reflected by the wattage of its motor. The larger the wattage of a jigsaw, the more powerful its motor will be.

Jigsaws usually have a power rating of between 400 and 900 watts.

Powerful jigsaw cutting through wood The power of a corded jigsaw is directly related to both the stroke rate and stroke length of the tool.

Tools with a greater power rating are able to cut both more effectively and more efficiently through a wider range of materials.

Powerful corded jigsaw Jigsaws with a wattage of 700W or more are usually capable of cutting through thicker and harder materials.

As a result, these tools are more suitable for heavy-duty cutting tasks, compared with models with a lower power rating.

Which power rating should you choose?

Confused man, making a decision Before buying a jigsaw, you should make sure that its power rating will meet your needs.

How powerful you need the motor of your jigsaw to be will depend upon the type of applications you intend to use it for and how frequently you will be carrying out these tasks.

Light-duty jigsaw cutting through softwood For the majority of cutting tasks, a jigsaw with a power rating of around 500W will be sufficient.

These saws are suitable for occasional light-duty tasks such as making cuts in softwood.

Cutting metal with corded jigsaw However, if you will be using your jigsaw extensively and to cut through thick or hard materials, you will require a tool with a more powerful motor of at least 700W.

This is because a machine with a lower wattage will not be able to run as fast and will struggle to cut through thicker materials.

Cordless jigsaws

DeWalt cordless jigsaw Whilst for corded models, the wattage of a jigsaw is the main indicator of power, the power of cordless jigsaws is measured in volts.

For more information, see What is the voltage of a jigsaw?

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