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What is a jigsaw’s grip circumference?

What is a jigsaw’s grip circumference?

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Holding a jigsaw, barrel grip jigsaw, top handle jigsaw The grip circumference of a jigsaw is the distance around its handle.

As mentioned earlier, top handle jigsaws tend to have slimmer handles than barrel grip jigsaws.

Holding top handle jigsaw As manufacturers improve the ergonomics of their tools, the handles of jigsaws are becoming narrower in order to enhance the comfort of the user.

Jigsaws with a smaller grip circumference are easier to hold, particularly for users with smaller hands, and offer a greater degree of precision and control.

Top handle jigsaws

Grip circumference of top handle jigsaw The grip circumference of a top handle jigsaw is usually between 120mm (4¾”) and 200mm (8″).

Barrel grip jigsaws

Grip circumference of barrel grip jigsaw The handles of barrel grip jigsaws are slightly larger than those of top handle saws.

The circumference of their handles is usually between 200mm (8″) and 280mm (11″).

Hand, hand span, grip size, waving hand The size of your hand should correlate to the grip circumference of your jigsaw. If you have smaller hands, a saw with a narrower grip will be easier for you to handle. Conversely, if your hands are fairly large, you will be able to hold a tool with a larger handle, perhaps a jigsaw with a barrel grip.

If the grip circumference of a saw is too large for your hand, you may experience discomfort and be unable to use your jigsaw effectively.

Wonkee Donkee says: 'Before buying a jigsaw, if possible, practise holding different models to make sure that you are able to comfortably hold the tool you choose.'

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