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What are the different types of jigsaw?

What are the different types of jigsaw?

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Types of jigsaw: corded, cordless, pneumatic There are two main types of electric jigsaws, those that are powered by mains electricity and cordless models that are driven by battery.

Pneumatic jigsaws are also available, which run on compressed air, although these are rarely used.

Corded jigsaws

Corded jigsaw Most jigsaws are corded and run on mains electricity.

Because corded models are connected to a constant power supply, they are very reliable and can be used without interruption.

Corded jigsaw cutting through timber They are also more powerful than cordless versions of the tool.

Corded jigsaws are available with a range of different wattages, ranging from 400W to 900W.  For more information, see What is the power of a jigsaw?

Cordless jigsaws

Cordless jigsaw Cordless jigsaws have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Because they are not limited by a power cord, they offer more freedom of movement than corded models. However, as a result of their battery packs, they tend to be heavier.

Cordless jigsaw being used to make straight cut in wood The power of a cordless jigsaw is dependent on the voltage rating of its battery, which can range from 12 to 36V. For more information, see What is the voltage of a jigsaw?

Pneumatic jigsaws

Pneumatic jigsaw Pneumatic jigsaws work in conjunction with an air compressor. They are very powerful and usually only employed in a professional setting for heavy-duty cutting tasks. Pneumatic jigsaws are rarely used by DIYers.

They are lighter than electrical models and are self-cooling so unlikely to overheat. This is particularly useful when cutting through materials like metal or fibreglass.

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