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Jigsaw Maintenance and Care

Jigsaw maintenance and care

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Top handle jigsaw, jigsaw, power saw It is essential that you look after and maintain your jigsaw correctly so that your tool works as efficiently and accurately as it should.

Before use

Jigsaw power cord, power lead If your jigsaw is powered by mains electricity, before using it, check the condition of the power cord.

If the cord is nicked or frayed, the machine is unsafe to use.

Jigsaw lying on its side, damaged shoe, bent baseplate Be careful not to drop your jigsaw as this may affect the alignment of its shoe. A saw with a bent or damaged baseplate will be unable to make accurate cuts.

If you do accidentally drop your tool, you may be able to rectify any minor damage by flattening the shoe using mole grips. If, however, the shoe is severely misshapen, you may have to replace the shoe or the entire jigsaw.

Wonkee Donkee says: 'You can use a combination square to check that the blade of your saw is perpendicular to the shoe.'


3 in 1 oil, lubricant, Every so often, apply a drop of oil to the blade roller guide of your tool to prevent it from jamming during operation.


Jigsaw with ventilation slots labelled, corded jigsaw Keep your jigsaw’s ventilation slots free from dust and debris to reduce the likelihood of your tool overheating during use.
Cleaning, cloths, rags, tool maintenance, wet cloth Make sure that the handle is clean, dry and free of oil or grease before and after use.

Use a damp cloth and mild soap to remove any dirt from the body of your tool.

Toothbrush and jigsaw, clean blade guide with old toothbrush Most importantly, the blade guide should be kept clean and free from dust-build up.

Use an old toothbrush to remove any unwanted grime which may affect the accuracy of the saw.


Jigsaw and storage box, Storing a jigsaw Some, jigsaws, usually higher-end models, are supplied with a protective storage case in which they should be kept when not in use.

If your tool does not have a special case, make sure you keep it somewhere safe and away from moisture.

Replacing carbon brushes

Carbon brushes, power tool motor carbon brushes, carbon brushes for jigsaw The majority of jigsaws have two carbon brushes which transmit electricity to their motor.

Gradually, these brushes will be worn away by friction and will need to be replaced.

Wonkee Donkee DIY manual, tool guide, help and advice, knowledge and guidance If the carbon brushes in the motor of your jigsaw can be replaced by hand, this will be stated in the operating manual. For more information, see How to replace the carbon brushes in your jigsaw.

However, because the tools are normally only used for a short period at a time, a set of brushes will usually last the life of the tool, so will not need to be replaced.

Recharging battery

Battery charge, power, charge As with all cordless tools, you should keep an eye on the charge in your battery so that you know if your jigsaw has enough power to complete the task at hand.

How often you need to charge your tool’s battery will depend on its capacity and the kind of applications you have been using your jigsaw for.

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