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How to make a short cut with a jigsaw?

How to make a short cut with a jigsaw

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Holding wood in vice during jigsawing, using vice to hold workpiece before cutting it with a jigsaw, using a vice Short cuts are the easiest type of cut to make with a jigsaw.

They can be carried out freehand, without the aid of a guide or straight edge. However, as with other cuts, you should make sure that your workpiece is held securely in position with clamps or in a vice.

 Insert new blade into blade clamp of jigsaw

Step 1 – Select and fit blade

Choose your blade according to the material you are working with and the finish you require.

Install it in the blade clamp of your jigsaw. For more information, see Which jigsaw blade should you choose? and How to change the blade of a jigsaw.

Marking cutting line on wooden workpiece, marking cutting line,

Step 2 – Mark cutting line

With a pencil, mark on your workpiece the line you want to cut.

Position jigsaw on edge of workpiece, beginning of short cut

Step 3 – Turn on jigsaw

Line up the jigsaw blade with the line you have marked and position the front of the shoe on the edge of the workpiece.

Then, turn on your jigsaw.

Making short cut in wood with jigsaw

Step 4 – Make cut

Making sure the shoe of the jigsaw is horizontal with the workpiece, slowly move the tool forwards along the cutting line.

Support the off-cut in your free hand and advance through the material. Increase the cutting speed if necessary.

Jigsaw after use, jigsaw on workbench Continue until you reach the end of the cutting line. Then turn off your jigsaw.

Allow the blade to come to a complete stop before putting the tool down.

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