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How to make an internal cut-out with a jigsaw?

How to make an internal cut-out with a jigsaw

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Kitchen sink, window in kitchen, kitchen One of the most common applications for a jigsaw is making an internal cut-out in a kitchen worktop to accommodate a sink or appliance.

The instructions below explain how to make a rectangular cut-out. If your sink is circular, you will need to make a circular cut-out. For more information, please see How to make a circular cut with a jigsaw.

Wonkee Donkee says: 'This method can also be used to make cut-outs for electrical outlets.'
Reverse tooth jigsaw blade, reverse tooth blade, laminate jigsaw blade Because most worktops have a laminate surface that could be damaged by an ordinary jigsaw blade cutting on the upstroke, a reverse tooth blade should be used for this task.
Using spacers to raise laminate worktop before making internal cut out with jigsaw So that there is enough room for clearance of the blade underneath the material, position your workpiece on raised spacers.

They should be at least 2″ tall so that the blade of the jigsaw doesn’t damage the surface underneath.

Wonkee Donkee, top tip, important

Wonkee Donkee top tip:

At the end of the cutting process, the waste material is often left unsupported and worktops are usually very heavy.

Before cutting, either ensure that the middle of your cut-out is sufficiently supported underneath, or ask a friend to hold it carefully while you make the cut.

Template for making sink cut out, mark cutting line on countertop, sink template

Step 1 – Draw cut out

Draw the outline of the sink onto the material to be cut.

Most sinks will be supplied with a template which you can tape to your workpiece and draw around.

Drawing around upturned sink, marking cutting line for sink cut out If you do not have a template, you can use the sink itself. Simply turn it upside down and trace its outline onto the material.

Then draw another outline about 10mm (⅜”) inside of the first which will serve as your cutting line. This will ensure that the lip of the sink rests on the surface of the worktop.

Drilling starter hole for sink cut out, drill starter hole

Step 2 – Drill starter hole

With a drill bit that is wider than your jigsaw blade, drill a starter hole in each corner of the rectangle you have drawn, just inside the cutting line.

Making internal cut out with jigsaw, using jigsaw to cut rectangular hole in laminate countertop making sink cut out

Step 3 – Start cut

Insert the blade into the first starter hole and line up the blade with the cutting line.

Then turn on your jigsaw and wait for the tool to gather speed before proceeding with the cut.

Reaching end of rectangular cut out Follow the outline of the cut-out, until you reach the next starter hole.

Then, change the direction of cutting to follow the line on the next side of the rectangle. Continue to do this until you have returned to your starting point.

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