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How to get the best out of your diffing bar?

How to get the best out of your digging bar

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Work at a steady pace

A Hare and a Tortoise at the starting line of a race WONKEE DONKEE always takes life slowly. He’s been called all sorts of names for it: lazy, stubborn, strong-willed – but his careful attitude always sees him right in the end. This is a rule you should follow with any task.

Weigh up your strengths

Sisyphus pushes his boulder up the hill for the thousandth time today Don’t try to use a digging bar which is too heavy or long for you. Keep your own height and strength in mind when choosing which to use.

Don’t sharpen the chisel edge

The Chisel Edge of a Bar You may find advice on some websites telling you to sharpen the chisel edge of your digging bar before use – don’t do it! Sharpening will remove the finish and weaken the blade considerably.

A chisel edge which has been sharpened may shatter during use, costing you money for a replacement.

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