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Parts of a Digging Bar

What are the parts of a digging bar? 

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Parts of a Digging Bar - Tip or Head, Shaft, Chisel Edge

Types of digging bar end

Tamper/mushroom head

Tamper or mushroom head

A tamper/mushroom head is flat disc, used to tamp (flatten) down the earth at the base of a hole, around a post, or where the ground has been dug and filled in again.

Pencil point

Pencil point

This is a blunt, pointed end which channels the force of impact into one point, making it easier to break through rock, concrete or soil.

Diamond Point

Diamond point

Similar to a pencil point, a diamond point resembles a pointed blunt end which channels the force of impact into one point, and also makes it easier to push the end of the bar beneath objects for levering.

Types of digging bar shaft



A cylindrical shaft is completely rounded, which makes it easier to twist through and penetrate earth with the bar when digging.



A hexagonal shaft is six-sided which aids grip in wet or otherwise slippery conditions, or in situations where precision is important.



A half-round shaft is semi-circular, which allows the user to line up the chisel edge exactly, by viewing it down the length of the bar’s flattened side.

Types of digging bar chisel edge

Straight chisel edge


A straight chisel edge is used for cutting, breaking and moving soil.

Bent chisel edge


A bent chisel edge is used for levering and lifting heavy objects.

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