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Large Crowbars Care and Maintenance

Large crowbar care and maintenance

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With proper care, a large crowbar can easily last years. The good news is – ‘proper care’ for a crowbar is as simple as following these two rules:
Bent Bar 1. Avoid bending your bar. If you suspect you may be putting too great a strain on the shaft, stop, and switch to a heavier duty tool.
A Rusted Bar 2. Avoid prolonged exposure to water. Dry your bar soon after getting it wet, and don’t leave it out in the rain.
WD-40 3. If your bar becomes dirty during work, clean it using a non-corrosive oil, such as WD-40. WD-40 lifts dirt from the surface of metals, and leaves behind a protective coating of oil residue, which will help to prevent soil corrosion during further use.

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