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What are bars finished with?

   What are bars finished with?

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Powder coated

Powder coating Powder coating is a process in which a metal tool or other object is coated with a plastic-based powder, and heated until the powder coating becomes fluid, bonding it to the metal.
Good for the environment This method of coating is an alternative to traditional liquid coating which is better for the environment, easier to style and can be applied thicker, increasing wear resistance.
Glow-in-the-dark bar Powder coating can be used to paint a design on a bar, or even to produce a crowbar which will glow in the dark.
Raincloud It is not a form of rust prevention, but will increase a tool’s lifespan by maintaining gloss and providing a layer of protection from the elements.

High visibility

High visibility handles Sometimes written as ‘Hi’ or ‘HI’ visibility, a high visibility finish means that the handle of a bar has been painted in a bright colour, usually fluorescent yellow or orange, to make it easier to locate.
Misplaced tools This is useful in a work environment with low lighting or a lot of clutter, where tools might be misplaced between tasks.
Road works ahead High visibility tools are sometimes used by workers in dangerous environments such as on roadsides, where it is important to be noticed by oncoming drivers.


Polished Tip A polished tip on a bar decreases friction, making the process of breaking hard materials or driving into hard ground more efficient, and meaning that it requires less force from the user.
Polished claw
Polished claws on a bar of suitable size may make it easier to penetrate small gaps and slide underneath moulding and trim, reducing the damage caused to building materials during renovation.


Non-slip handle This can mean one of two things, and it’s important to read product descriptions carefully so you know which one you’re getting!

A non-slip handle can be incorporated so that the tool is able to be held more easily, with less chance of being dropped or slipping in the hand.

This is an advantage in precise work which requires a very steady grip, and may also aid users with reduced dexterity to work with bars.

Non-slip finish A non-slip finish can be incorporated into the surface of the tool itself to increase friction, making it easier to keep the tool steady when working with smooth materials, or in situations where precision is important.


Worker using insulated bar Some specialist bars may be insulated in a rubber polymer sheathe to protect from electrical charge.

These are useful in situations where there is a risk of electric shock, such as in environments where workers may encounter hidden wiring in walls or the ground.

Insulated sheathe The sheath should incorporate a safety hand-stop/collar to prevent the worker’s hand from slipping onto the metal components of the part during use.
A rubber polymer sheath has the added benefit of increasing abrasion and impact resistance.

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