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Digging Bar Care and Maintenance



Digging bar care and maintenance


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  Lifetime of a Digging Bar   With proper care, a digging bar can easily last a lifetime.

The good news is – ‘proper care’  for a digging bar is as simple as following these three rules:

  Bent Bar   1. Avoid bending your bar.

If you suspect you may be putting too great a strain on the shaft, stop, and switch to a heavier duty tool.

  A Rusted Bar   2. Avoid prolonged exposure to water.

Dry your bar soon after getting it wet, and don’t leave it out in the rain.

  Oiled Rag   3. After each use, oil the parts of your digging bar which have been exposed to the earth, protecting the surface of the metal from corrosion and other wear and tear.  

Which oils can be used?

  WD-40   WD40 lifts dirt and other corrosive elements, making them easier to wipe away, and can be used to clean your digging bar after each use. After cleaning, residual oil provides a protective layer.  
  Japanese Camellia Oil   Japanese camellia oil protects against corrosion and wear, and can be used as a rub for any metal tool. As it is non-acidic, it is safe to apply after every use without damaging the finish.  
       WONKEE DONKEE says: "Don't oil the part of the shaft you usually hold!"  


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