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What are the main types of bar?

What are the main types of bar?

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Digging bars

A Digging Bar

Used for:

Digging, breaking rocks or concrete, levering heavy objects and clearing dirt and stone.

Large crowbars

Large Crowbar

Used for:

Breaking rock, wrecking, lifting and levering.

Demolition bars

 Demolition Bar

Used for:

Demolition, floorboard lifting and removal, as well as levering heavy objects.

Utility bars

utility bar, red crowbar 

Used for:

Prying, demolition, nail pulling, lifting and light levering.

Pry bars

 Pry Bar

Used for:

Pulling nails, opening crates, forcing fixed objects apart and general demolition.

Moulding bars

 Moulding Bar

Used for:

Removing moulding and trim.

Wrecking bars

 Wrecking Bar

Used for:

Removing decking, floorboards and fasteners, nail pulling, general demolition and wrecking work.

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