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What are the different types of a post hole digging bar?

What is a post hole bar?

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Post Hole Bar - Long Chisel Edge, Round Bar, Tamper Head Post hole bars are usually around 1.75m (5’8”) long and weigh about 8kg (16lb).

They have a longer chisel edge for extended reach when digging holes for posts which require a deep foundation, and tamper or mushroom heads for ensuring that foundations are level.

WONKEE DONKEE dreams of basketball stardom Post hole bars are most suitable for digging deeper, narrower holes, such as for:

  • A basketball net or other game post.
Cat on a Fence Post
  • Fence or gate posts.
A Signpost
  • Signposts.
  • Mounted letter boxes.
Mounted Birdfeeder
  • Mounted bird feeders and birdboxes.
Decking Being Built
  • Frame legs for decking, wooden steps, raised sheds, etc.
A Flagpole Bearing the St George Flag
  • Flagpoles.

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